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Supporting Year 11 through targeted 3:1 tutoring
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Hall Mead School, located in Upminster in Essex, were looking to tackle various challenges that they faced with their Year 11 pupils.

We asked Martin Leslie from Hall Mead’s Senior Leadership Team to talk us through their experience introducing tutoring through MyTutor.


The challenge

Year 11's found they were struggling with knowledge gaps caused by the pandemic, underperformance in core subjects and preparation for GCSE exams. Hall Mead wanted to support their pupils during a challenging academic year. 

The programme 

Martin Leslie told us: 

“We held meetings with Heads of Department for English, Maths, and Science to look at students who were underachieving and would engage/benefit from the 12-week programme. We then offered 3:1 sessions to these students as well as vulnerable groups such as Pupil Premium.”

Through group tutoring sessions, Hall Mead was able to engage their pupils with targeted support. 

The impact 

The impact of the programme has been positive, with the tutoring reaching pupils who were otherwise unable to access this level of support: 

“On the whole, the feedback was extremely positive. Some of our students were so heavily reliant on this source of tutoring as they weren't in a position to access any other outside tuition. The online tuition gave them a platform to continue their studies in preparation for their GCSE exams.”

Teachers were further impressed by the commitment of the pupils: 

“I was very impressed at the level of commitment from the students whilst doing online tuition. Attendance was strong - especially as Year 11 is very busy. I saw many students grow in confidence, and become more independent learners through motivating themselves to ensure that they were attending each session.”

The experience 

Their experience with MyTutor has also been positive: 

“MyTutor was very helpful at all times. When there were some issues with technology at the tutor end - these were resolved straight away. The MyTutor team made my life easier as they were always on hand to help and provide solutions. They also helped train me on how to use the platform - which was very helpful.”

We're so happy to hear from another school making an impact with MyTutor! 


A top tip from Hall Mead School for you

“As long as you are willing to put the time and effort into making this work (including ensuring that the right students are chosen to engage in it) then MyTutor will be a huge success. The effort is worth it!”


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