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Inspiring near-peer tutors, vetted, trained, and ready to support your pupils
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Why trust our tutors?

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Every tutor has been externally vetted and has a recent DBS check
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Rigorous selection

Only 1 in 8 makes it through MyTutor's thorough selection process
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All tutors go through comprehensive training before getting started

A friendly mentor

Pupils relate better to those closer to them in age, and they often feel inspired by them. That's why having a near-peer tutor complements the experience they have with their teachers, boosting confidence and aspiration.

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Someone who knows their stuff

Our tutors are brilliant UK undergraduates and recent postgraduates, so they understand the exams that your pupils are going through - they did them recently (and nailed them!), after all. They can share some of their wisdom, offer a 'safe space' to ask questions for pupils who are too shy to ask them in class, and help kick exam anxiety to the curb.

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Carefully matched

No two pupils have the same needs: that's why we carefully match our tutors with your pupils based on their personality, aspirations, academic ability and goals.

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"Because the tutors are university students, they’re closer in age to the pupils than most of their teachers, and this helps them to cultivate almost a sibling relationship. They speak the same language – including emojis – and they’re able to make our pupils feel more relaxed in the tutoring environment. It’s really tapping into something that we otherwise couldn’t offer at school."

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