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Find out how Priory School, Southsea are closing attainment gaps
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This year we worked with Priory School in Southsea, Portsmouth, a large secondary school that’s been using online tutoring to close attainment gaps for disadvantaged pupils using a mixture of both 1:1 and 3:1 sessions. 


The challenge

With 1250 pupils on role, this large secondary school has been focused on closing the attainment gap for disadvantaged pupils across year groups. A particular challenge was increasing confidence and engagement in learning, which is where MyTutor was here to help. 


The programme 

Priory School ran programmes for pupils in Years 7-11, covering KS3 English and Maths, KS4 English Literature and Language, Maths and Science. By selecting pupils through a range of strategies, such as through Pupil Premium data and targeting HPA pupils who were not making enough progress, they were able to reach those who needed the most support.


The impact 

For the pupils participating in the programme academic progress increased as well as confidence in learning. The results can be seen across year groups, with pupils enjoying the programmes across the board.


The experience 

“We have some lovely statements from students and also completed a student panel to gather information on the success of the programme.” - Laura Spear, Priory School 

The school also highlighted that they found MyTutor super responsive, and we’re happy to say they were pleased that our team were there to make life as easy as possible - something we are always proud to hear! 


A top tip from Priory School to you: 

“Plan ahead for your target groups and the programmes: ensure the teachers of those students are involved in the process and sharing information about areas to focus on and communicate to parents, students and staff about the sessions in multiple different ways so there is no reason not to know what's happening.” 


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