Richard Rose Central Academy

Helping GCSE pupils level up across the core subjects

We worked with Richard Rose Central Academy in Carlisle to provide extra academic support for GCSE pupils. 

Before and during lockdown - a challenging time for both teachers and pupils - we provided targeted tutoring in the core subjects: English, Maths and Science. 


The challenge

The pandemic was hugely disruptive to children's learning and Richard Rose Central Academy had the challenge of mitigating this, to help pupils stay on track and fulfil their potential. 

"Unsurprisingly, our most vulnerable pupils have been the ones whose confidence and wellbeing suffered the most," says Director of KS4, Gareth Barratt. "For us, going with a tuition provider who could provide them with targeted support was an easy decision."


The programme

Richard Rose Central Academy has been working with MyTutor since July 2020. Once teachers saw how easy it was to monitor pupils' progress on the online platform and the quality of the tutoring, they decided to include targeted tutoring in their strategy of the following year. 

In 2020, the school chose to run three programmes: 

  • A 1:1 programmes for 53 Year 11s
  • A personalised 1:1 programme in November for GCSE pupils
  • A 3:1 programme (including group lessons) to help Year 10 and 11 pupils get up to speed in core subjects: English Literature, Language, Maths and Science. 


The impact

Across the three programmes, pupils felt inspired and empowered with their learning.


  •  Increased motivation 

"Having tutors who were close in age to our pupils inspired and motivated them to learn and apply themselves," says Gareth. "Throughout their lessons, pupils felt confident enough to ask tutors for help in some of their weaker areas as they felt more empowered to take part in open group and class discussions."


  •  Emerging advocacy 

Some pupils at Richard Rose Central Academy said they'd like to become a tutor themselves: "It's lovely to see the impact and to see that pupils have felt so inspired that they want to help others in a similar way." 


The experience 

The school's experience with MyTutor has been so positive that they plan to continue working with us in the next academic year. 

"As the only teacher running the MyTutor programme in our school, managing programmes was very easy and I was well supported by the customer support team throughout," says Gareth. 

A top tip or word of advice from the school 

"During the running of our MyTutor programmes, we even had some pupils saying they'd like to become a tutor themselves due to the positive experience they'd had." 


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