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We worked with Sharnbrook Academy – a secondary school in North Bedfordshire – to provide extra 1:1 support for pupils in Maths and Science. 

Here, we speak to Peter Rattu, the Academy Principal, about how tutoring has boosted confidence in areas where pupils were struggling.


How do you select pupils for the programme?

“We looked at our school data to help select the right pupils for the programme. We considered those who aren’t quite hitting their grades (often they’re under by about two grades) and also those who are lacking in confidence. 

“We felt that these pupils would benefit most from 1:1 support. Girls struggling in Maths ended up being a particular focus area for us. We also considered those pupils who are struggling at school more generally – or those who have struggled with attendance for various reasons, including poor health.”


What have been the biggest benefits of using MyTutor?

“The programme has been great for improving pupils’ self-esteem and confidence in a particular subject. Ultimately, it has reinforced learning that’s happening in school and has encouraged pupils to have more belief in their abilities, which ultimately helps them make progress.

“It’s also been hugely beneficial to tailor the programme to fit exactly what we need at certain times of the year, for example in the run-up to exams. We also felt that MyTutor was well-priced and affordable, compared with other tutoring companies.”

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What has the feedback from pupils and parents been like?

“Parents have told us that it’s helped to raise confidence in pupils. The students themselves have also said they’ve enjoyed it, which is great.

“We found getting girls to engage particularly tough, but we’ve made good progress. One pupil was particularly reluctant, but after her first couple of sessions she started to enjoy it and as a result, has made really good progress. We hope she’ll see the reward in her GCSE results this summer.”


How have you found pupils’ motivation with having sessions at home?

“Running the sessions at home after school has worked well for us. They enjoy the sessions and find it beneficial so they’re self-motivated. We set daily reminders so everyone knows when they’ve got their sessions.”


Would you recommend MyTutor to other schools?

“Yes, we’d definitely recommend MyTutor. The tutoring has been excellent. All the evidence we’ve seen, plus all the great feedback we’ve had from pupils and parents shows that it works and has helped their learning.”


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