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Driving up achievement, confidence and passion
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For Wirral Grammar School for Girls in Bebington, the focus of their MyTutor programme this year was on empowering high-attainers. 

We worked across Years 10-13 to help them achieve their best grades possible. The programme saw 35 pupils receiving over 600 1:1 lessons. 


The challenge

Wirral Grammar School wanted to build confidence and support pupils who were finding particular subjects challenging. They also wanted to drive up achievement in high-ability pupils through targeted 1:1 tutoring.


The programme

The school initially started with a select group of pupils and the programme ran across a whole range of subjects including Modern Foreign Languages and A-Level Law, Business, Psychology and English. Most pupils requested help with core subjects such as Maths and Science. 

As the programme has progressed, they've opened the opportunity up to anyone and everyone. And over the past few years, it has expanded from Years 11 and 13 to Years 10 and 12. 

"The programme runs across the whole range of subjects, but most students will ask for Maths or Science, and I think they lend themselves to tutoring really well. However, we’ve also got Modern Foreign Languages, and A-Level Law, Business, Psychology and English.”, says English Teacher Ruth Murray. 


The impact

The impact seen at Wirral Grammar School has been fantastic, they've identified 3 key areas in which they're seeing improvements. These are: 

  • Improved confidence 

"Our pupils have high expectations of themselves. Their initial motivation for getting onto the programme was to push up their grades - from Bs to As. But, the main thing they've got out of it is more confidence."

  • Consolidated learning

The programme has allowed pupils to target their areas of weakness independently from the classroom, with MyTutor giving them that vital 1:1 support at home. 

"Lots of pupils feel that the programme allows them to consolidate their in-class learning straight away - that evening," says Ruth. 

  • Ignited passion

"I think tutoring helps to keep pupils' interest in specific subjects alive - which is great if they're considering continuing that subject to A-Level or university."

"There are now girls in Year 13 who have used MyTutor since Year 11 and are advocating it to others," says Ruth. 

And, the results of the school's recent pupil survey speak for themselves - showing that 91% found tutoring helpful overall, and 96% would recommend MyTutor to a friend. 


The experience

As the years have passed, the programme has expanded at Wirral Grammar School, and MyTutor has become embedded in the school. 

"We've improved engagement by sending letters home and hosting launch events where MyTutor team members come into school to explain the programme to pupils," says Ruth. 

“Another great thing about MyTutor, from my perspective and experience, is the level of support that I get from the team – it’s just next-level. The responses are always really detailed, they know our school and our needs really well.”

Working with Wirral Grammar is always a delight, we're proud to see their programme grow and pupils flourish. 


A top tip or word of advice from the school 


"I think often, if girls don't feel like they're doing well at something, they quickly lose self-confidence and motivation. When they start to succeed, their confidence grows." 



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