Mental health and anxiety: Where are we now?

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In 2022, we commissioned a survey into the mental health of pupils post-pandemic and the results showed a significant increase in anxiety and poor mental health. 
Our research showed that almost half (49%) of teachers felt pupils were coping worse with exam pressure in 2022 than in previous years. 70% of teachers chose ‘anxiety’ as their biggest concern for pupils, which had grown from less than two thirds 2 years ago.  

Our report showed what many teachers and school leaders were seeing first-hand, the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns were having a disastrous effect on the mental health of our teens.  

So where are we now? 

2 years on and our report unfortunately still paints an accurate picture of pupil mental health and exam anxiety. 

While we continue to best support teens post-pandemic, the effects on mental health are lasting, with recent research showing that 3 in 10 Secondary pupils avoid school due to anxiety

In fact, many schools nationwide are still struggling with poor attendance, with poor mental well-being a big reason for the post-Covid surge in school absenteeism

Last year in England, 1 in 10 pupils in Year 11 were absent, which is 70% more than pre-2020. 

If you’re looking for ways to better support your pupils with their mental health, anxiety and exam-related stress, our e-book is full of expert, actionable advice on how to do just that. 

You can download the e-book here to access our report findings and mental health toolkits, including:

  • “Test anxiety what can teachers do about it?”, Prof David Putwain 
  • “Promoting resilience and better mental health at GCSE”, Dr Jo Taylor
  • “What can students tell us about their experience with exam pressure?”, Dr Tamsin McCaldin 
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