Why near-peer tutors?

The benefits of our near-peer tutoring model explained
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Here at MyTutor, we’re known for our near-peer tutoring model, where we hire top UK students to tutor pupils across schools nationwide. 

But have you ever wondered why we run our tutoring like this? Well, that’s where we’re here to answer the top questions we hear about our near-peer tutors! 


What is a near-peer tutor?

Put simply, a near-peer tutor is someone close in age to your pupils. We recruit top students at UK universities as our tutors and train them to best support pupils. 

Studies have shown that the near-peer relationship is highly effective and packed with benefits, including the fact that near-peers deeply understand the exams that students are going through - they did them recently, after all!

All our tutors are carefully selected, vetted and trained. In fact, only 1 in 8 make the cut, so you know your pupils are getting the best tutors on offer.


What are the benefits of near-peer tutors? 

There are many benefits to choosing a near-peer model for tutoring. We’re big champions of the near-peer relationships and rate the top 5 benefits as:


1. Relatability

Having a tutor who’s close in age can make them highly relatable to teens. They’re able to motivate and inspire pupils, as they have recently gone through school and successfully transitioned to higher education. 

This relatability encourages engagement and gives pupils a friendly face they can talk to about their schoolwork which they might not otherwise get. 

“Having tutors who were closer in age to pupils definitely inspired and motivated them to learn and apply themselves.” - Richard Rose Central Academy


2. Confidence building

Working 1:1 with someone who feels closer to a sibling age than a teacher, can really boost confidence. 

Pupils have the ability to ask questions and make mistakes in a safe environment. Their tutor remembers how it feels to be going through exams and school, so can offer support and break learning down into manageable chunks. 

Pupils often build confidence in class too after tutoring. Understanding their topics helps them speak more confidently in their classes. 

3. Peer mentoring 

Our tutors can act as peer mentors to your pupils. A peer mentor is someone who’s on a more equal footing to your teens, they can offer advice and guidance in a way that teens are likely more receptive to. 

A peer mentor can also help build aspirations, particularly for pupils who are the first in their family to go to Uni, having a tutor already there can be a great way to raise aspirations and build confidence. 

“There were tutors and graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds running sessions who shared their own stories with our kids, delivering inspirational talks to our pupils.” - Bohunt Education Trust


4. Exam wisdom 

Because our tutors have just been through exams (and UCAs applications) themselves so they know how stressful it can be. They can offer support picking subjects, managing stress and planning for the future, helping your pupils make the right choices for them. 

Given how much things have changed over the years - between technology, social media and the pandemic - the lives of teenagers are not the same as when many teachers were studying. That’s where our tutors can bridge the gap between school and teens, and even lower exam anxiety too. 

5. Complement your classroom learning

Our tutoring is designed to complement and support in-classroom learning. We’re not here to replace teachers but to work together to provide your pupils with additional support.

Being near-peer, tutors don’t feel like teachers - instead they can help teens take a step away from the classroom and think about problems in a different way. It’s always great to have more people in your corner, helping you learn and grow. 

“They speak the same language – including emojis – and they’re able to make our pupils feel more relaxed in the tutoring environment. It’s really tapping into something that we otherwise couldn’t offer at school.” - Lodge Park Academy


Why do you choose near-peers over qualified teachers? 

Lots of teachers make fantastic tutors, it’s true, but with our model, pupils get something different. 

Like we said, a key benefit of near-peer is that pupils get a change from learning in-classroom. Not only are they 1:1 or in small groups, but they’re talking to someone who doesn’t feel like a teacher. 

This means they can ask questions, relax and think differently about what they’re learning. Our tutoring acts as a complement to in-classroom learning and tutors support the fantastic work of your teachers at school. 

On top of this, our tutors can provide guidance and aspiration raising for pupils thinking about the next steps. From picking A-levels to deciding what to do when school is over, they’ve been there and can talk about the realities of learning today. 

We believe that pupils benefit from having as many people in their corner as possible, from teachers to tutors. Providing additional support not only boosts grades but builds confidence too. 

“It is incredibly rewarding and heart-warming to see my pupils’ confidence and abilities develop week on week.” - Bohunt Education Trust

When considering whether your school needs near-peer tutoring, or something else, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your pupils. Many teens benefit from a friendly face and someone they can relate to. With our model you can give them a quality tutor who relates to them and can guide them. 

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